Hop your way through Scotland’s islands and you will find that each one has its own character and charm. They come in all shapes and sizes, filled with rugged mountains, meandering streams, stunning beaches, tranquil woodlands and spectacular sea cliffs. Come and explore them with Edinburgh Executive Travel…

You could begin with a trip to the Isle of Arran, often referred to as Scotland in miniature due to its variety of scenery. If the mountains are calling, then ascending Goatfell is a must. Or if watersports are more your thing, the island has an array of these activities, alongside many others on land if you’re looking for adventure. From summit to sea, Arran has so much to offer.

Now onto Islay, home to peaty whiskies, a dramatic coastline and beautiful beaches. Why not take a tour of one of the island’s nine distilleries, before settling down for some sensational freshly-caught seafood? Afterwards you could walk off your lunch along one of the many trails, or take a boat trip to witness a rare natural phenomenon – the Corryvreckan Whirlpool.

From Islay you can soon make your way to the neighbouring Isle of Jura, defined by deer, the imposing Paps of Jura and secluded coves. There are also plenty of historical sites to uncover, including Iron Age forts, ancient burial grounds and standing stones.

Your last stop is the Isle of Mull – Scotland’s ‘Eagle Island’. Why so called? Because it is the best place in the United Kingdom to see white-tailed eagles and golden eagles, as well as a host of other raptors. You’ll also find an abundance of woodland, moorland and sea bird species, as well as red deer, seals - and if you’re patient and fortunate - an otter or two.

What’s more, Mull is a great place from which to experience a boat trip. On board you stand a good chance of spotting porpoises and dolphins in waters that are also home to basking sharks and minke whales. Back on land, the island offers a safe network of cycling routes for all ages, silver-sand beaches and a fascinating geology.

Discover all this and more with Edinburgh Executive Travel guided tours.

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