Planned to perfection

Whether it’s one meeting or many that you need to make, we have the logistical nous to get you where you need to be with comfort, promptness and professionalism being our top priorities.

We have luxury vehicles of all sizes that can also accommodate business meetings on the go with ease, with all the technological support you’ll need to stay connected with developments in real time. We’re skilled at planning, so making financial roadshows flow seamlessly is instinctive to us, as is our ability to think fast should unforeseeable circumstances present themselves.

We don’t react to your needs – we foresee them, and strive to keep you well informed at all times.

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Events & Conferencing

We’ve become the go-to chauffeuring choice for a diverse collection of corporate brands, including: Aegon, BT Sport, Diageo, Etihad Airways, Pfizer International and many more. And we can adapt our car services to suit events and conferences of all kinds of scale.

From the British Open or TED Conferences to supporting a global gathering at the COP26 in Scotland, we’ve got the resources and management skills to keep everything coordinated.

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Corporate Roadshows

Our thoughtful planning and professionalism, blended with a friendly meet-and-greet service always makes the right impression. Arrive for your meetings in style, relaxed in the knowledge that our experienced driver will smoothly steer you through your financial roadshow without delay.

Edinburgh Executive Travel's reliable and discreet business car service allows you to make the most of your time, because we always make the most of ours.

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